💻 Some junk I've built

✨ Emojis as favicons

A simple JavaScript snippet to render emojis as favicons on a page.

💺 Places I've been

A map of the places I've been. It's pretty incomplete as of yet, both in terms of code and the places I haven't recorded correctly and haven't been yet :)

📅 Life calendar

A pretty depressive calendar that shows my life, if I turn out to be 90 years old, with each "lived" day marked green. I added some life events I've had so far on there.

🥗 My recipes

I collect my recipes here. I really liked my moms recipe book and want to collect my own somewhere. Having it online rather then in a physical book makes more sense to me.

📝 Notes

Wrote a little script that will append Coauthored-by: [..] strings to your commit messages while you are in "coworking mode". Super useful if you pair a lot with people and forget to add the Coauthored-by signatures a lot. https://github.com/koddsson/coworking-with

So love, death and robots is pretty fucking great

Egg Boi Forever

There's literally zero evidence that office working actually works.

Surprising the hoops people will go through to not fix accessibility issues in their code 🤔

Made by hand and JS in Reykjavík and London.