💻 Some junk I've built

✨ Emojis as favicons

A simple JavaScript snippet to render emojis as favicons on a page.

💺 Places I've been

A map of the places I've been. It's pretty incomplete as of yet, both in terms of code and the places I haven't recorded correctly and haven't been yet :)

📅 Life calendar

A pretty depressive calendar that shows my life, if I turn out to be 90 years old, with each "lived" day marked green. I added some life events I've had so far on there.

🥗 My recipes

I collect my recipes here. I really liked my moms recipe book and want to collect my own somewhere. Having it online rather then in a physical book makes more sense to me.

📝 Notes

I just made vegan french toast and it was amazing. Surpassingly easy and indistinguishable from a eggy one.

I'm watching Hilda on Netflix and I am L O V I N G it

Hopefully I've fixed the title error in my RSS feed

It really annoys me that youtube can do a video overlay on my phone when I'm in SF but it won't work in London.

Made by hand and JS in Reykjavík and London.